New Solar Power Bank Dual USB Charger 20,000 mAh

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Limited Time Only: NOW AT $28.95 10,000mAh / $33.95 20,000mAh


Introducing the New Era of Solar Power Technology. A must have for gadget lovers High performance devices: Cell Phones, Tablets, Any USB enabled device. Water Proof.

Trailing, Biking, Camping, Leisure at the lake-park or outdoors.

We know the demand for more power every day from new devices that require lots of power constantly, and to be caught without a recharge in these days is a losing proposition, especially when it matters the most.

We know the feeling, that's why we've got you covered. Grab one of these solar powered Power Banks with 20,000mAh or 10,000mAh with hook and compass, LED light and let the worries be gone, Kick FUN into high gear baby!!!... 

1. 20000mAh high capacity lithium battery, can recharge itself under sunlight.
2. Dual USB charger ports,compatible with universal devices. 
3. 5 LED status of charging indicators indicate the charging and discharging process.
4. Portable and convenient.
5. You can simply attach it to your backpack with a hook.
6. Super rain-proof, shock-resistant and dust-proof.
7. There is a compass, you can find direction when you traveling or lost, it is a help tool.
8. It's a useful and helpful tool for camping, hiking or other outdoor activities.
9. More heartwarming is the LED light, which has two modes, steady light and strobe. Single press under steady mode, LED light cycles through strobe and rapid strobe; Twice press, the LED will turn off. Power-saving, long press the power button ON any mode can turn it off.
1. Battery type: Li-polymer battery 
2. Capacity: 20000mAh/10000mAh
3. Output: DC 5V/1A DC 5V/2.1A 
4. Input: DC 5V/1.0A
5. Housing material: Plastic + Silicone 
6. Indicator number: 5pcs (One green LED indicates solar charging; Four blue Eds stand for electricity capacity)
7. Solar panel Size: 4.06*2.24in 
8. Product Size: 5.43*3.01*0.75in 
9. Package Size: 7.56*4.45*1.38in 
10. Product Weight: 8.52oz 
11. Package weight: 11.29oz 
Packaging list:
1 x Solar Power Bank
1 x USB cable
1 x Hanger with compass